MS ENG is One of The Biggest Korean Spare Parts Manufacturer in Concrete Pumping Business

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About Us

As a producer, suppler, and distributor specializing in supplies for concrete pumps, we supply various spare parts to Korean and foreign major Concrete Pump manufacturers. MS ENG Co., LTD. is capable of churning out 200 tons of pipe products a month, and operate an efficient system which produces elbows, pipes, couplings, hopper parts and other products to accommodate any kind ofcustomers. We are one of the biggest and successful companies which develope, produce and supply proprietary products as a result of aggressive and consistent investment and strict quality management. In 2004, MS ENG Co., LTD. is expanding the scope of our business and advance into theglobal market based on the technological capabilities and growth with our own brand, MS ENG CO.,LTD, not only experienced dealers and agents, but also local and overseas distributors are making their best efforts to promote sales and provide service. If you want durable, reasonably-price, and easy-to-use parts and components, which are wants of all customers, it would be MS ENG CO., LTD. that will satisfy your needs.